Fall accessories from YoHaTdawg add flair to any outfit

Fall accessories from YoHaTdawg add flair to any outfit -Retail-Insider.com

September 28, 2023

Mark Corey’s passion for style inspired him to launch YoHaTdawg in 2023. While many toss on a hat for extra warmth in the brisk fall weather, Mark Corey envisions hats as the Star Attraction, rather than an accessory YoHaTdawg’s patent-pending, interchangeable hats allow the user to create different styles and appearances, all in one hat. YoHatdawg hats feature distinct looks in every style. Each reversible hat is utterly dramatic, unabashedly striking, and entirely unique.

In his Los Angeles boutique, Mark creates his one-of-a-kind headwear. His storefront is filled with eye-grabbing designs that are displayed like art in a museum, adding an unapologetic self expression of style. The headwear art will have you falling in love with every hat, unable to decide which hat you want the most. During the in-store styling session, Mark personally styles and tailors each hat to each individual customer. He takes the retail experience to a whole new level and sends everyone away with hats that are both wearable art and political statements.

For example, Mark’s hat creation entitled YoBlack White and Blue is certain to turn heads this fall with its blend of textures and colors. The hat can be styled in a number of ways and sports a brim and crown blending black and white stripes, denim and white tie dye, and blue and white camouflage. A pattern of red zigzags overlay everything. 

Another creation called YoJean! meets YelLoW and White also offers a number of styles to highlight fall outfits. Mark sets this hat’s narrow brim and crown off with a hodgepodge of embroidery and tapestry in yellow, black, and white.

Finally, YOConFuSION throws a nod to fall camo trends by combining green camouflage with a patchwork of multi-colored hemp-inspired designs. Above it all, Mark incorporates bright swirls of red, orange, yellow, lime, forest green, periwinkle, midnight blue, and black.

As the jewel tones of turquoise, salmon, and emerald give way to rich and earthy autumnal hues of burnt orange, cranberry, brown, and gold, don’t let the season’s fashion pass you by. Start shopping for the fall fashion and accessories that will take your next season of outfits from average to amazing.

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