1. What makes a YoHaTdawg Hat different from other brands on the market? YOHaTdawg CREATE HATS THAT NOBODY ELSE HAS.

YoHaTdawg is THE FASTEST, GROWING STREETWEAR, HEADWEAR BRAND IN THE WORLD. YohaTdawg is a Streetwear Headwear Experience. 

Unlike Anything on the market, The interchangeable, reversible features allow the user to create different styles and multiple appearances in a single item. Our hats can create up to 10 styles in one HAT. Now Thats a HAT.

Problem Solved-We reduced the number of hats you need to purchase while increasing the number of style choices and appearances that you wish to create.


You Asked for BEANIES AND BALL CAPS and WE Heard YOU. WE added              Yo BangN BEANIES and TradiTIONAL HATS with a TWIST. Each Piece is one of ONE and no one will have the same HAT! NO ONE

StyLE is the fundamental feature in a YoHaTdawg HaT. It’s not just the HAT, it’s how you StyLE your YoHaTdawg HaT that creates a one of a kind HAT.

YoHaTdawg HATS are designed, created and sold in house for people who love headwear and the specialty of quality custom artwork and STYLE IN A HAT.     STYLE is the fabric of a YoHaTdawg HaT.

YoVersibles are YoHaTdawg's Signature Hats. YoVersibles are a Patent Pending design that is innovative with features unlike anything on the market.

YoVersibles allow YOU to increase your style choices while reducing the number of hats you need to purchase to achieve your desired looks. Simply put, You can create different styles, customize and change your appearances, ALL IN ONE HAT.

Now that's a HaT.  

And, It's not just a hat, it's what it does and what YOU become that makes it truly unique.

2. What Size Hat is the best fit for me? Standard-Medium 22-22 3/8 inche. Large/Xlarge is 22 3/4-23 1/8 inche. YoVersibles contain an elastic backing that gives the HAT a 1/2 inch  stretch.   YoHaTdawg HAT SIZING CHART

3. Should I measure my head before deciding on my new YoHatdawg HaT?. SEE SIZING CHART ABOVE--Measuring YoHead is simple and easy to do. Get yourself a tape measure made from any material. Wrap the tape around Yohead, be sure you measure above the ears at the area where you prefer to wear your new YoHaTdawg HaT. This maybe a matter of personal choice, the best spot to measure is the widest part of your head, this is where your YoHaT usually fits the best. After you measure use the sizing chart above to decide on your size.                                                                                                                  YoSizing Tips. YoHaTdawg HaT Standard size is 22 inches. Similar to a Medium. The elastic band will stretch up to 1.5 inches-example if Yohead measurement is 22 inches it’s a good fit. If you like your hat to fit snug. If you like a little room- Yo, Standard is good.

If YoHead measurement falls between-23-24 3/8 inches. YoLarge maybe a better fit. Especially is you have big hair, dreads or Fro, a larger size may be a better fit for both YoHead and YoHair.

4.. I noticed a curved stitch, hanging thread, a ripple in the fabric, is it a needed correction? At YoHaTdawg you won’t see perfection-we offer you connection and StyLE. YoLots of It. So don’t you worry. See a hanging thread, curved stitch, it’s no glitch, it's no flaw, it's ART, IT's YoHaTdawg Y'All.    

5. How do I StyLE my New YoHaTdawg Hat? STYLE is the main feature of a YoHaTdawg HaT. IT"S ALL ABOUT STYLE---Stand in the mirror and transform your hat from YoClaSSy to YoSaSSy to YoJaZZy to YoSnaZZy, YodreSSy to YoFlaSHY, REVERSE>>>REPEAT----It's a HaT that's ALL About StyLE. 

You create the STYLE that works for your outfit, mood and or the appearance you wish to achieve. Yo, You Have Sooo many options.

6. Is Shipping Free?-All orders over $150, shipping is included. A small fee of $10 will be added at checkout for all orders under $150. This fee is designed to support your New YoHaTdawg Hat arriving to Yohead fast. At YoHaTdawg we aim to provide the best and most efficient client shipping experience as possible. 

7. I have identified a challenge with my purchase, what should I do? At YoHaTdawg we strive to create a YoGold Class Client Experience, please contact our clientsupport@yohatdawg.com They will be happy to help.