Mark Corey: Crafting Living Art through Headwear-A journey of Passion and Entrepreneurship

 by Jerome Knyszewski

 October 16, 2023

in Success Stories

Mark Corey

Mark Corey aka YoHaTdawg is a name synonymous with an enduring passion for hats that has spanned his entire life. Recognized by those around him for his constant hat-wearing, Mark’s journey has been one of adoration, collection, and the art of styling headwear in myriad forms, shapes, and sizes.

Beyond merely wearing hats, he possesses a profound passion for transforming them into unique artistic expressions. It became evident to Mark that the true essence of a hat lies not just in its physical form but in the artistic touch that brings it to life when worn.

Intriguingly, this fervor for style and artistry led Mark to discover an innate talent for designing and sewing his own hats, a revelation that would ultimately give birth to YoHaTdawg. Here, headwear serves as a canvas for Mark’s creative expressions and as a means of sharing his unique vision with the world.

As Mark’s journey unfolded, he uncovered an extraordinary ability to make hats not just an accessory but a form of living art that breathes life and style into those who wear them. His story is a testament to the transformative power of passion, optimism, and artistic vision.

Success Story

For entrepreneurs like Mark Corey, optimism serves as a superpower, enabling them to focus on the endless possibilities. Regardless of the challenges they face, optimistic entrepreneurs hold unwavering hope in the success of their endeavors.

Mark Corey, the visionary behind YoHaTdawg, understands the profound impact of optimism firsthand. When he embarked on his journey to establish his streetwear fashion brand, he envisioned a novel, creative, and versatile style of headwear, all crafted by his own hands. However, a significant roadblock stood in his way – he had no knowledge of sewing. Yet, Mark’s optimism led him to view this as an opportunity for growth, and he promptly enrolled in a sewing class.

“I didn’t expect to create the perfect hat on my first, second, or even third try,” Mark shared. “I allowed myself to make mistakes. I attended the class diligently every Friday, crafting numerous hats, honing my skills, and refining my designs. Over time, I became exceptionally proficient at it.”

Mark’s mastery of hat-making eventually led to the establishment of a Los Angeles boutique, where he offers his patent-pending, reversible, interchangeable, one-of-a-kind headwear creations. For the ultimate experience, customers can book a 30-minute in-store shopping and styling appointment, where a stylist assists them in selecting and styling the perfect YoHaTdawg hat.

“The sight of a customer walking in, undergoing a styling session, and leaving with a new YoHaTdawg design atop their head is exhilarating beyond words,” Mark shared. “It never gets old, and it validates all the hard work invested in this journey.”

Focusing on Small Wins and Persistence

One of the invaluable lessons that Mark Corey has learned on his entrepreneurial journey is the significance of self-belief, urging fellow entrepreneurs to trust in their abilities and practice unwavering persistence. When confronted with challenges, maintaining a positive attitude and focusing on incremental problem-solving steps is paramount.

“When I encountered obstacles, I would ask myself, ‘What progress can I make today?'” Mark remarked. “I would compile a list of challenges, tackle the first one, check it off the list, and move on to the next.”

Mark also emphasizes the importance of patience in the pursuit of success, advocating for measuring progress through small victories. “Success is a journey that takes time,” he emphasized. “It’s essential to celebrate the accomplishments of each week instead of becoming fixated on grand aspirations like global brand recognition or opening stores in major cities. Acknowledge the items you’ve ticked off your to-do list, as each one represents a success.”

Furthermore, Mark encourages entrepreneurs to become their own cheerleaders. “I made sure to cheerlead myself,” he said. “I’d say, ‘I’m proud of you, Mark. You’re doing a great job. It’s all coming together. Today was a great day. You made some big accomplishments.’ Self-cheerleading played a significant role in my success.”

Mark also attributes his confidence and positivity during business challenges to a strong spiritual life. “Prioritizing God in my life contributed to my success,” he shared. “For me, that means being grateful and striving to be the best version of myself. When I interact with the world, I am kind, understanding, loving, and compassionate. I avoid making mountains out of molehills, focusing on solutions and leveraging my strengths.”

Growth as a Business Leader

Although YoHaTdawg originated from Mark’s passion for hat styling, it was his love for art, rather than business, that ignited the creation of his company. “My hunger for style and art in hats uncovered a greater talent for designing and sewing my own hats,” he acknowledged. “I’m an artist who uses headwear as the canvas on which I express myself and my art.”

Before introducing his innovative streetwear fashion to the market, Mark recognized the necessity of acquiring business knowledge. He advises fellow creatives aspiring to become entrepreneurs to seek mentors within the business realm.

“To become the business leader you aspire to be, you need to immerse yourself in learning,” Mark stressed. “Learn from successful individuals and engage with organizations like SCORE, StartOut, and CoFoundersLab. I formed a mentor group to guide me along the way. I became a sponge, absorbing as much wisdom as I could from those who had already tread this path.”

Mark’s commitment to self-improvement, his ability to focus on small victories, and his willingness to seek guidance have resulted in a level of success that he describes as “magical.”

“When I witness someone walking out of my shop donning one of my creations,” he mused, “it feels surreal. It prompts me to ask, ‘How did I get here?’ But I know the answer – it’s because I prioritized God, worked tirelessly, and never gave up on myself to reach where I am today.”


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