The designer behind YoHaTdawg

Yo! My love for hats began at a very young age. Everyone that knows me has always seen me with a hat on my head. Throughout my life, I have adored, collected, and worn hats of all types, shapes, and sizes. Not only do I love wearing hats, but I also have a passion for styling my hats. I discovered that It's not just the hat, it's how you style the hat that truly makes the hat feel and look like art on the head. My hunger for style and art in a hat uncovered a greater talent for designing and sewing my own hats. This is where YoHaTdawg was born. I am an Artist, Designer and Creative that uses a hat as a canvas to express myself and my art. Overtime as I worked on my craft, I discovered that I have a God given talent for creating incredible eye catching headwear that delivers Style on a whole new dimension. I don't just make hats; I make hats come alive.

A YoHatdawg hat is not just another hat. It's what it does and what you can do with it that makes it different from anything on the market.

YoHatdawg HATS are ShowTOPPERS that I created for you to STAND OUT.

My Love for HATS has grown into a much bigger gift than I ever imagined. YoHaTdawg is what it is today because of people like you who support and continue to express your love for YoHaTdawg HATS.

YoHaTdawg is a StoryTelling brand. When browsing the headwear, PLEASE be sure to read the description.

Every HaT has a STORY. My Story is YOUR Story.

I am extremely grateful and confident that when you wear and style your YoHaTdawg HAT, you will feel the love, happiness and joy that was sewn in it.

Love YoHaTdawg