YoHaTdawg Gives Back

HaTS for the Homeless Program

At YoHaTdawg, The need and joy of Giving Back is at the heart of EveRYTHING we do.

From the day we started, we have pledged to donate a percentage of our earnings to help with the needs of the unsheltered and to help with the fight against cancer. After all, YoHaTdawg can relate from his personal experience with both.

And, the many benefits of receiving help to providing support and access to necessities such as food, clothing, housing, mental health resources, medical and dental care. As well as recreational outings.

YoHaTdawg believes that addressing all areas of human need is important.  And having fun in the world is a big part of improving the quality of ones life. 

 YoHatdawg's HaTs for the homeless provides hats for the unsheltered. Having a hat to shield your face from the hot sun and beanie to warm your head when you are cold can make a big difference when living on the street. Our Hats for the homeless program represents YoHaTdawg's real life experience with homelessness and overcoming adversity. 

No Matter who you are, what are have been through, where you come from, You Can do Great Things.

YoHaTdawg's personal journey is an example of this.

As YoHaTdawg grows, we will also grow our Giving Back Programs. 

We will publish a Giving Back Report on our website to let you know how we have donated to our GIVING BACK PROGRAM and show you exactly how we put it to use.

Transparency at YoHaTdawg is at the forefront of EveRYTHING We do.

And of course, EveRYTHING You Need IN A HAT

It’s YoHaTdawgggg